Project Runway Allstars Episode 2

The most notable thing about this episode is that April has started to grow on me. That does seem kind of inevitable when you pit someone against Michael Costello, though. (Speaking of whom, how hilarious that he’s like ‘I love opera!’ and then mentions Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. Like, way to show your extensve, in-depth knowledge of opera, dude. Andrea Bocelli sang on the beach for contestants on the Apprentice. He’s as debased as opera currency as Katherine Jenkins. I know, like, nothing about opera, but still. Come on.) But just the contrast in their two responses: him being all aghast that he and April have a similar look, and April saying ‘whatever, dude, it’s a red dress’. Because seriously. A red evening gown. That is not a new thing. If you’ve got so little faith in your own vision as a designer that you don’t think you can make a red dress different from somebody else’s, why are you even there? Especially when it’s Michael’s classicaly elegant style versus April’s, you know. Stripper witch aesthetic.

Still enjoying Joanna Coles as a mentor. Kind of stern, and not just comforting platitudes that Tim ended up giving.

Opinions, written before judging
Kenley’s dress was super pretty, and very much of her aesthetic. She spent the whole episode dressed liked the woman in the We Can Do It poster, but maybe she was aiming for this:

Kenley's plan

Fashion! Is the listing the fabrics a new thing, or have I literally always missed it? It makes sense when the fabrics are like, mop heads and sanitary towels, but when it’s organza and so forth, eh. Seems a bit redundant. The dress worked really well if you looked at it through a certain lens. That lens being Katy Perry goes to the opera, but at least it’s an aesthetic. And it’s unlike everything else the rest of the contestants did.

The top half of Gordana’s gown was gorgeous. I love the styling, and that soft lavender colour, and the mesh effect on op. I wasn’t too sure about the weird little leg panels in the skirt, though.

Rami’s was horrible. I can’t stand that fuschia colour, and it looked scrappy, not intricate.

Mila’s was neat, and pretty, but kind of lost its appeal the more closely I looked at it. As a red carpet statement piece, it’d work really well.

Sweet P. Oh dear lord. The colour pallete. The shape. Everything about it was wrong. Why that enormous bell skirt? Why the fabric that looked like melted Starburst? Why that weird little folded over panel at the back? Why ANY of it?

It’s funny that Joanna was warning Anthony about looking bridal, given that Mondo came up with what can only be described as a futuristic drag bride. Why the ring neck? Why that weird obi-style back? The fact that he said he was inspired by what he saw at the opera is telling – they’re meant to be going to it, not appearing in it. He also called it 60s, which in a sense it was, but ‘retro-futuristic’ and ‘couture to wear to a night at the opera’ are not interchangable terms.

Jerell. Horrible horrible horrible. Shapeless muumuu with feathers attached, in an ugly drab fabric.

Kara. The black sash at the waist brought a bit of interest to what could have been too pastel. And she managed to do a full skirt without making a balloon out of it. If the challenge was ‘a day at the races’, this dress would have kicked ass, but it wasn’t, so it didn’t.

Anthony’s gown was gorgeous, and not remotely bridal. It takes a certain skill to make pure white interesting. But the styling was way off. Elbow-length black leather gloves? She’s not meant to be an assassin.

Austin’s was lovely too. It’s pretty easy to make gold lame look tacky, but he reined it in and made it look classy. The fabric did look kind of wrinkled though, which I think would really have shown up to the judges in the room.

I admire April for hand-dying ombre in such a short time, and for making a dress that was still very ‘her’. Probably she and Kenley managed that the most. The dress, judged on its own merits, was fine but nothing too exciting.

Credit where it’s due, Michael’s dress was striking and glamorous, and the crystal ‘belt’ across the back was gorgeous. It does prove, though, how absurd he was to worry about using red, given that his and April’s gowns couldn’t be more different, even if he had used red for it. It’s about more than colour.

Judging didn’t add much to it, for me, other than learning that I still really like Georgina Chapman, and also learning the word ‘grosgrain’. Some of them liked Anthony’s murderer accessories, so what do I know? I did like that Kara stood up for print in the evening, and her pockets argument. Austin’s dress was apparently immaculate, and won, (which is good for his reputation as the couture master) so they obviously didn’t see the wrinkling I did. I still think Sweet P is great, but, yeah. Three times on the show. That’s enough chances, really.

Next week, Joanna Coles says in dead seriousness, ‘How does a pig feel about wearing giraffe print?’ and we learn that Kenley and Kara are becoming co-dependent, which: awesome.


4 thoughts on “Project Runway Allstars Episode 2

  1. I enjoyed the Marchesa judge saying “fabrication” when she meant “fabric”. Also, when Jerell somehow qualified to proceed to the next round without even facing the bottom three, Chris and I both howled at the injustice of it all. I liked Kara’s dress more when she explained it, but can understand why the judges weren’t so keen.

    I’ve decided that I don’t really like the new presenter lady. She comes off kinda vapid and insincere. I miss Heidi veering between supreme indifference and hostile interrogation.

  2. Kara saying that eveningwear is not her “pa-poom moment” ❤ I really am just here for her at this point. Kara-Kenley MEGAPAIRING of co-dependency makes me slightly moist…

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